We started to give service in 2011 as sister company of Sistem Dekor, which has been providing stage and stand decoration services since 1998. We are designing and implementing the INTERNAL SYSTEM Stand and Place Solution System developed by System Decor R&D department. We can solve all stages quickly and efficiently with our design, manufacturing and assembly team. We are designing and implementing the Internal System products that add extra value on their own with the special design and the use of high quality materials, feeling like a part of you.


We know that you expect a new decoration solution for your fair stands to increase your brand value. In consequence of long-term R&D studies, we started to implement the system we call INTERNAL SYSTEM as of 2011 year. The system that provides a perfect assembly allows stand seen in the project to be applied exactly the same by removing all common workmanship errors during installation on special or modular stands. We know that you do not want to see swelled paint, cracked walls, curved surfaces, or crowded images split up with metal profiles.